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Be transported to the African savanna with this family-friendly musical - The Lion King Jr.! The timeless Disney classic comes to life in the award-winning musical production. The Academy Tutorial Musical Theater group will take you on an exciting, colorful, musical journey with Simba, Nala and the rest of your favorite Lion King characters. Join us for an experience you’ll never forget!


There are four shows the weekend of May 24-26. Tickets can be purchased for each show below!


Cast List

Rafiki- Max Garner

Mufasa- Peter Rand, Rio Napier

Scar- Marcus Beckham, John Tabelisma

Young Simba- William Lankford, Presley Gibbs

Young Nala- Hattie Hare, Jean Louise Barnes

Grown Simba- Rio Napier, Peter Rand

Grown Nala- Emilie Sears, Darcy Ritchie

Timon- Reagan Gibbs

Pumbaa- Elijah Plattner

Zazu- Libby Purifoy

Shinze- Elanah Bruce, Lindsey Grace Garner

Banzai- Adynn Cluver, Hannah Hyer

Ed- Benton Aslan, Jessie Beeman

Sarabi- Eliannah Huisinga, Abby Yarbrough

Sarafina- Brooke Riggs

Lionesses--Brooke Riggs, Ellie Lams, Sydney Aslan, Branch Foster,

Hattie Hare, Jean Louise Barnes, Emilie Sears, Darcy Ritchie, Eliannah Huisinga, AbbyYarbrough,

Hyenas— Hope Shelton, Bethany Hyer, Ezra Cope, Marcus Beckham, John Tabelisma, William Lankford,

Presley Gibbs, Benton Aslan, Jessie Beeman, Adynn Cluver, Hannah Hyer, Elanah Bruce, Lindsey Grace Garner