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Sue Gamble

Sue Gamble,  from Pennsylvania, attended college and studied Art and Art education. Her 5 children,  homeschooled and are now in their 30s. Having taught art for 23 years at 3 tutorials,  Cheekwood, Williamson Co. Rec. Center, Carlisle art center (PA),the women's prison and jail and in her home,  she's excited to continue with her new students. 
     Ms. Gamble says,"Anyone can learn to be visually competent no matter what their level of artistic ability when they start." She likes to teach in a way that helps all students progress as artists. Some of the more consistent areas taught in her classes are: drawing,  painting, clay and printmaking. Every year there are also a variety of other expressive mediums taught,  like: mosaics fibre arts, construction,  paper mache', origami,  etc (the list is endless). Ms. Gamble's personal favorites are: oil painting, clay and quilting. Her art work is for sale here and in Pennsylvania.