New Student Applications

Interested in attending The Academy Tutorial?  Then you're in the right place!  Here's where you'll find the New Student Application form as well as our Handbook and Course Descriptions.  

We have completed new student interviews for the 2019-2020 school year and do not anticipate having new openings.  However, we are still accepting new student applications to have on file in case we do have unexpected openings in 2019-2020 classes.  If you would like to submit a new student application for us to have on file, just complete these five steps.

1.   Read the 'Overview' section of this site to get the big picture of The Academy Tutorial.  Click here... 

2.   Read our Handbook carefully and completely.  All prospective students (and their parents) need to thoroughly read, understand, and be willing to comply with the Handbook before deciding to apply to The Academy Tutorial.  A link to the Handbook is listed below.

3.   Review the full list of our Class Descriptions to determine which classes you might be interested in.  A link to the Class Descriptions is listed below.

4.   Complete the New Student Application form.  A link to the form is listed below.  Please read through the form carefully:  parents need to complete some of the sections, but there are some sections that the prospective students will need to complete on their own.  Also note that The Academy Tutorial requires prospective students to provide a minimum of two (2) recommendation letters from non-family members.  Outlines for the recommendation letters are included in the New Student Application form - please follow the directions carefully and have your references mail their completed letters directly to Jana Ritchie (Administrative Director of The Academy Tutorial) at the address provided in the New Student Application form.

5.   Mail your completed recommendation letters and the New Student Application form along with the $25 processing fee(s) to Jana Ritchie at the address provided in the New Student Application form.

After we have reviewed your New Student Application and checked your references, we may contact you to schedule an interview.  Please note that we will only be interviewing for rising 7th and 9th grade students at this time. However, applications received for other grade levels will be accepted and filed on a waiting list. Interviews for new students typically begin in January and continue until we have reached capacity. Please turn in your completed application as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in joining The Academy Tutorial.  We look forward to meeting and learning more about you!

The Academy Tutorial Handbook

This is the official Handbook for The Academy Tutorial.  Please read it carefully - it contains our standards, our rules, our expectations, our Honor Code, and our commitments to you.  All tutors, students, and parents are expected to comply with the terms of our Handbook.

Class Descriptions

A finalized list of the classes for the 2018-2019 academic year is available here.

New Student Application

This is the application form for the upcoming 2019-2020 academic year at The Academy Tutorial.  Please download and complete all sections of the form, and then mail all of your finished materials to Jana Ritchie (Administrative Director of The Academy Tutorial) at the address provided.