Kathleen Mclntyre

Kathleen Bond McIntyre

Kathleen Bond McIntyre is a graduate of the Academy Tutorial and Belmont University’s award-winning Entrepreneurship program.  She began teaching at The Academy Tutorial in 2013; her classes currently include Argumentative Writing and Research, Computer Applications, Marketing, Physics, Personal Finance and the Art of Entrepreneurship.

In 2013, Kathleen started the Bond Coffee Company with her family.  As General Manager of the family business for over three years, Kathleen learned and refined a wide range of skills and gained an experiential perspective of small business.  Managing brilliant young adults who struggled to find a career path inspired Kathleen’s passion for equipping students with career management skills.  At the Academy, she and her husband combine teaching career management with entrepreneurship in the Art of Entrepreneurship course.

In December 2016, Kathleen joined the team at Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee, working as a BizTown Instructional Coordinator.  BizTown is a mini “city” with a restaurant, radio and TV stations, retail businesses, wellness center, newspaper and more.  After learning core business concepts and life skills in class, students apply for “jobs,” interview and bring BizTown to life on a two-day field trip.  Kathleen is thrilled to be actively involved in teaching life skills and business principles to students of all ages.

The 2018-2019 academic period will be Kathleen’s fifth year to teach Argumentative Writing and Research at the Academy.  The Belmont Honors Program, collegiate DECA competition, and two years of Regional and National Ethics Bowl tournaments developed Kathleen’s expertise in academic research, logic, argument, ethics and reasoning.  After Belmont, Kathleen continued her education online with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, completing the Core Module (an apologetics course) in 2014 and the Islam Elective in summer 2016.

Kathleen is married to fellow Belmont graduate and entrepreneur, Ben McIntyre.  When she’s not teaching or working, Kathleen loves shopping, reading, cooking and biking.