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All Day Parents

Behind every good student is a supportive parent.  The Academy Tutorial is fortunate to have a community of parents who are dedicated to the success and well-being of all our students, as evidenced by their commitment to serve as all-day volunteers at The Academy Tutorial.  So if you happen to see one of these parents, give 'em a hug - they've earned it!  

All Day Parent Volunteers,

Please arrive promptly by 7:30am. Upon arrival, please check in with Catha Skinner and plan to stay until at least 4:00pm. If you cannot serve on your assigned day, you are responsible to find a replacement or to trade your assigned day with another parent. You must notify Catha Skinner and Joy Rhodes of any replacement or trade. Please note the following rules:

  • Late arrivals will be subject to a $10 fine.
  • No-shows or asking us to replace you will be subject to a $50 fine.
  • Children who are not enrolled in The Academy Tutorial may not accompany you on your assigned day.

Click here to download a printable copy of the All Day Parent Volunteer list.